Wood Shaving

Wood Shaving

All of our products have been tested by scientists from the Latvian University of Agriculture. They have carried out research that precisely measures the levels of ammonia, as well as concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Evidence has been found that Bedding reduces the reproduction rate of bacteria and insects in the stable. All of this in depth research allows us to say with confidence that produces animal bedding of exceptional quality.

Hight Quality Wook Shaving Animal Bedding

Triple Filtration and De-Dusting Process -
It will help look after the health of your animals’ airways.

A Mix of various size Shavings -
Ensures excellent absorbtion of moisture and ammonia, as well as a soft ‘bed’ that maintains good health of your animal’s joints.

Natural, Chemically Untreated Wood that contains a large amount of essential oils – it will ensure a fresh climate in your stable and restrict the spreading of bacteria as well as reproduction of insects.