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Chairman's Message

I am pleased at this good opportunity, which is represented in combining our commercial, agricultural, industrial, and research activities under one umbrella as “Al Sulaiteen Group of Companies.”

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, as the Chinese proverb says. To develop our present, it is necessary to adopt a clear vision for our future. In the past, our beginnings were so modest, but today we have a variety of activities based on a solid foundations applying the latest management systems in the management of facilities and we look forward to not expanding locally and regionally only , but at all levels of the global management system and widespread bearing in mind the values and principles that we grew up to them as our view of success is really measured by the satisfaction of our customers by meeting their aspirations and needs.

The rapid development and active movement that occurs in the world nowadays requires us to keep pace and interact quickly at the same time realistically without recklessness and leisurely without rush in order to achieve the desired goal in superior service, better work, visionary and prudent management, smooth deal, quick response and self-esteem. All that will make the objective of the establishment of the group is capable of achieving.

Keeping this in mind, I would like to reassure our potential customers, companies and institutions wishing to build bridges of cooperation with us. We, with the help of Allah Almighty, will be custodians of that confidence that will be given to us and we will strive very hard in order to achieve the desired objectives of this cooperation because it is, in fact, our first and final goal.

So I pray to Allah Almighty that the “Group of Sulaitin’s Companies “will continue its march and active contribution to the prosperity of our national economy and promote the development of our children and society taking Qatar vision of 2030 into account for both the present and future. May Allah help us all to what HE loves and pleased.
With best regards and appreciation.

Thank You
Abdallah Salem Al Sulaiteen


I am delighted to present Mitras WLL. The Organic Fertilizer factory in Qatar forward looking approach is addressing to lead sustainability in Organic Food and Environment culture towards 2022 and beyond.

I am convinced that the pathway for the evaluation of the Organic Fertilizer Project is ambitious but also realistic. it requires genuine commitment from industrial leaders and decision makers. it can be achieved through a well-designed Organic Growing Policy framework that will act as an enabler for this vision, allowing the Organic fertilizer in Landscaping, Gardening, Horticulture & farming to evolve in line with the ambitions while retaining organic food production against global competition.

I am confident that this industry will lay a foundation for constructive dialogue with Farmers and Landscapers on how to tackle the future challenges of food, energy & Environment. It is a dialogue and we are proud to be part of it.

Thank You
Shafeeq Muhammad
Managing Director