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Agri-Qatar Bio Fertilizer

What is Biofertilizer?
» Natural fertilizers that contains living beneficial microorganisms, which when applied to seed, plant surfaces or soil, enhance the productivity of soil.

» Bio-fertilizers add nutrients through the natural processes of fixation and solubilization and thereby stimulates plant growth by increasing the supply or availability of nutrients to the host plant.

» They help build up the soil micro-flora and there by the soil health.

» Use of bio-fertilizer is recommended for improving the soil fertility in organic farming.

Benefits and Advantages
» Increase crop yield by 20-30%.
» Replace chemical fertilizers and their ill effects.
» Stimulate plant growth.
» Activate the soil biologically.
» Restore natural soil fertility.
» More biotic and abiotic stress tolerance.
» Cost effective.
» Eco-friendly (Friendly with nature).
» Produces Growth Promoting Substances.
» Enhance germination and root proliferation.
» Improve quality and quantity of produce.
» Residual Effect.

Bio Farm Nitrogen Azotobacter

Broad spectrum bio fertilizer. Contains free living nitrogen fixing bacteria Azotobacter which plays an important role in the nitrogen cycle in nature.

Bio Farm Azospirillum

Contains free living nitrogen fixing bacteria Azospirillum species. High Nitrogen fixing capacity. It converts atmospheric nitrogen through the process of biological nitrogen fixation..

Bio Farm Rhizobium

Contains a soil microbe Rhizobium which lives in symbiotic association with leguminous plants. Fixes atmospheric nitrogen into plant usable forms after becoming ..

Bio Farm Potash Bacteria

A biofertilizer based on potash mobilizing bacteria that solubilizes the insoluble potassium in soil to soluble forms. Produces organic acids and enzymes that help solubilize the fixed potassium or elementary potassium present..

Bio Farm Phosphate Solubilizers

This product contains phosphate solubilising bacteria that solubilizes inorganic insoluble phosphorus in the soil to soluble forms. Lower the soil pH by secreting organic acids thus dissolving the bound phosphate..

Bio Farm - MUHSIN

» Broad Spectrum Biofertilizer
» A mixture of beneficialbacteria
» Enhances NPK level in soil for healthy plant growth

Nutro Extra Zinc Solublizers

This product contains Zinc solubilizing bacteria (ZSB). Zinc being a limiting factor in crop production causes considerable yield loss and plants become more prone to diseases. This bacteria solubilizes the insoluble zinc compounds/minerals in soil..

Nutro Extra Iron Solublizers

This product contains Iron solubilizing bacteria. Iron is an essential micronutrient for respiration and photosynthesis of plants. They convert insoluble form of iron into soluble form for plants by the production of organic..

Nutro Extra Silicate Solubilizers

This product contains Silicate solubilizing bacteria (SSB). Silicon availability to the plants is very much important as they accumulate silica and deposit on the walls..

Nutro Extra Sulphur Oxidizers

This product contains sulphur oxidizing bacteria (SOB). Sulphur is considered the fourth major plant nutrient after N, P and K. sulphur is a structural component of aminoacids, hormones and vitamins that are essential..

Nutro Extra Magnesium Oxidizers

This product contains magnesium oxidizing bacteria (MOB). Magnesium is a key element of chlorophyll molecule. Deficiency of magnesium causes chlorosis and eventually leaf necrosis.