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AGRI-QATAR Organic Manure

Heat Treated All Purpose Organic Manure contains both immediately available essential nutrients & slow releasing organic nutrients that give plants and loams, balanced nutrients for vigorous root growth

AGRI – QATAR Organic Coco Substrate with slow releasing fertilizers

Our Heat Treated Composted COCO BASED Substrate with Root Boosters provides an ideal grow medium and an alternative to Peat Moss ..

Helioflor - White Peat

The whole world of horticulture uses white peat as growing media, so far no adequate replacement for peat has been found, it still is the most plant friendly environment available.


Contains insect parasitic fungus Metarhiziumanisopliae,a natural inhabitant of soil. It has the ability to attack the insects and cause green muscardine disease and eventually kills them in 3-4 days.

Bio Farm Nitrogen Azotobacter

Broad spectrum bio fertilizer. Contains free living nitrogen fixing bacteria Azotobacter which plays an important role in the nitrogen cycle in nature.