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Mitras Trading Co. W.L.L.

Mirtas WLL, A group member of M/s Al Sulaiteen, The most trusted and popular name in the agriculture and landscaping sector under the tremendous leadership of HIS Excellency Abdallah Salem Al Sulaiteen.

Mitras and Alkhor fertilizer factory named as the one and only company in Qatar jointly focused on innovations and engaged in developing and researching new product providing the entire range of Organic and Bio Fertilizer in Qatar. The company has served the region’s agricultural industry since 2003. Today AFF is one of the significant producers of organic and bio fertilizer in the Qatar and is one of the biggest fertilizer factory in the Middle East.

AFF, first of its kind in Qatar producing mainly Organic and Bio fertilizers launched its range of products branded under AGRI QATAR Tm with a focus on natural fertilizing and soil enrichment, the company offers various products and services tailor-made to exclusive requirement of the region. Instead of custom products being used traditionally

AFF emphasizes on high quality, scientifically processed and heat- treated weed and odor free products. The venture is an outcome of continuous research and trials, and is initiated by a group of successful entrepreneurs and scientists.


Agri-Qatar Organic Manure, Coco Substrate, Helioflor Peatmoss


Agri-Qatar Grow Bag, All Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer, Bio Fertilizers


Organic Fertilizers, Bio Fertilizers, All Purpose Organic liquid Fertilizer


Organic Fertilizers, Bio Fertilizer, Bio Pesticides, All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer

Our History

  1. Global Hub was formed in India

  2. Opening a new Business relationship with AL Sulaiteen.

  3. Mitras Trading Co WLL was founded in Qatar.

  4. Regional Supplier for Coco Peat and Peat Mose.

  5. Introduce New All Purpose Organic Product

  6. Launched range of products branded under AGRI QATAR

  7. Introduce Liquid Bio-fertilizer and Bio-Pesticides



M/s Mitras WLL’s Global alliances are for the key growth and sustainability. We have the pleasure of working together around the world to improve agricultural practices, increase crop yield, improve soil health, and reduce water consumption and to support for healthy food, beautiful flowers and plants first to our nation Qatar and to the entire world.

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